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Pork Ribs

BBQ Joe’s Notes …

• I prefer smaller ribs “baby back” … but the Larger St. Louis Style cut are good too !
• I get my ribs from Meat Works in Thao Dien District 2
• Be sure to remove the inside skin from the ribs
• Wash the ribs. Pat dry with paper towel. Moist … then …
• Put the rub on generously. Let the ribs sit in the fridge overnight.
• Next morning, put out and let them warm to room temperature before putting on the grill.



Rib Rub Grind together in a mixer bowl until the ingredients are well mixed.

See Papa Dave’s Rib Rub for Recipe

Pork Ribs 1 Be sure to remove the inside skin from the ribs
Pork Ribs 2  
Pork Ribs 3 Generaously apply the spice.  Put in the fridge for several hours, preferably overnight.

Take the ribs out of the fridge and bring them to room temperature.

Pork Ribs 4 Grilling …

Indirect heat … lowest grill temperature


Pan of water in the middle … This adds moisture to the meat.

Hickory chips or Smoking pellets … adds clean smoke flavor to the meat.

BBQ Pellets Use hickory chips or smoking pellets to add flavor to the meat.  BBQ Joe's has smoking pellets 
Pork Ribs 4a For those that have a single burner grill, you can with a double broiler pan … make sure you have water in the pan at all times …
Pork Ribs 5 Ribs in the Rack …

Indirect heat (like an oven).

Pork Ribs 6 Hickory chips above the low fire .. adds “smokey flavor” …
Pork Ribs 7 Slow cooking.  2 hours.
Pork Ribs 8 Pull from grill and wrap in foil
Pork Ribs 9 Back on the grill … keep them cooking at lowest indirect setting
Pork Ribs 10 Finish the ribs ..

·    Direct heat … medium to low temperature

·         Turning every 3 minutes (be careful ... the rib will fall out of the rack!)

·         After 6 minutes, add your favorite BBQ suace

Pull from grilll after 10 to 12 minutes

Pork Ribs 11 Prepare for the Feast !
Pork Ribs 12

Enjoy !